Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If sales and marketing aren’t collaborating, they’re working against each other to prove their own value – a waste of time and energy.

If sales and marketing aren’t collaborating, they’re working against each other to prove their own value – a waste of time and energy.

    – What should I do to integrate my On-Line Shop with my small business?

The feeling of investing up to $10,000.00 in an On-Line shop with an average monthly cost of $129, 00 and not seeing any solid return after a six months or even one year period can question the value of your investment. Therefore, the true behind why many on-line shops do not accelerate their sales it is directly related with the present marketing strategy adopted by the business in question.

Many Small Business owners own their retail shop and have relatively success in running this type of business with traditional marketing strategies: choosing a good location, finding the right sales pitch or sales person and they are experts in marketing products directly to individual customers. They have an aggressive retail sales approach selling to every opportunity that literally “knocks on the door of their retail-shop”. These business owners managed well their customer’s relation in a face-to-face meeting, but what to do with an Online Shop?

Our first recommendation is to look at your site has an extension of your business. This means that your daily sales strategy or “sales pitch” now needs a transition to start integrating your new virtual location: your online shop! – Why?

Because it is shipper to run an online store than running a retail shop! So, you do need to train your personal to educate your current customers to buy Online. Clarification: you do need to review your daily sales process and pinpoint to your existent customers that they will have some “advantage” buying online than coming to your retail shop.  Here are some best practices to start educating your customers to buy online:

1)     Keep business as usual, but start working on your online sales scripts that will introduce your website as a great option to purchase and see your new products. For example:

Sales Person: Miss/Mr. Customer do you know that we now have a website?
Customer: No, I didn’t know.
Sales Person: Yes we just opened our online shop and I just wanted to tell you that if you are willing to register/ open an account in my web-site you will have additional 25% on your first purchase, plus the option to print out downloadable discount coupons. What do you think?
Customer: That’s great but I’m not so sure if I want to enter my credit card online.
Sales Person: I understand how you feel, but you don’t have to enter your credit card to register/ open an account with us. You will need to do that if are to buy something! To register it’s free and if you write it down your email I can do it for you. This will save you time and money on your next visit!

 – What is your e-mail address?
Sales person: Thank so much you will enjoy this website! I will also send you a discount coupon of 25% to be used on your next purchase with us! This coupon it is valid to buy On-Line or in your next visit to our Store. Also, you will experience high quality pictures of our products and by visiting it is a good way to check our stock availability and eventually you will find new products launch and more. Don't miss "the Best Deal Section" that is in our main page! This can save you time and money before your next visit to the store! Who knows if you may consider buying online through our secure payment system because you already know us for a long-time.

I know I know these online “things” aren’t the same as having my person in front of you, but you can always call me or visit us if you may have any questions regarding our products or online system! Thank you so much for your business and here it’s my business card with our website address. I'm very happy to seeing you again!

2)     Build a “small business cards box” or “email card box” with decorative appeal and create a promotion where the winner will get a free product after registering/ open an account online. You will be amaze how many people will volunteer to participate in these small contests.

3)     Create a referral program for your web-site: if you buy something in the store and/or online and refer a friend that also purchases or register something online you will get a $5, 00 back or a hat or something else.

Be creative and put your sales experience and marketing - this should now include your online shop into your sales pitch - to work together. Have fun because this can generate some ideas that with time and effort eventually will unfold a new source of revenue for your business.

Always Fun

Venancio Carmo
International Sales Executive
Globum LLC
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